Bohemia Monetization Verstoß!

  • Hallo liebe Spieler,

    wie ihr bestimmt schon mitbekommen habt, gibt es eine Nachricht von Bohemia im Systemchat. nono


    Leider haben die Damen und Herren von Bohemia sich vorher nicht mit uns in Verbindung gesetzt um eventuelle Missverständnis aus den Weg zu räumen.

    Da wir uns keiner Schuld bewusst sind und auch nicht über eventuelle Änderungen informiert worden sind, warten wir derzeit auf eine Antwort von Bohemia um diese Nachricht wieder aus dem Chat zu bekommen.

    Hier könnt ihr nachvollziehen das wir ein eingetragener Server sind.


    Wir bitten um Verständnis und Informieren euch über sie Ergebnisse der Konversation mit Bohemia.


    Email an Bohemia:

    Dear Bohemia Interactive team,
    we noticed that our Altis Life Server “Live Your Life” has been demonitized. Unfortunatly we have not been notified about the circumstances that lead to that unfortunate event.
    To finance our Server we rely heavily on two different kinds of donation systems.

    • The community shop
      The community shop becomes unlocked for every player on our server as soon as the donation goal is reached and can be used by all players equally whether they have donated or not.
    • Gang bases

    Gangs and corporations have the opportunity to either pay for a standard base by using ingame currency or design their own bases for a donation. Shops and other systems in those bases are the same as they are for every other player. There are no extra shops with extra content for Gangmembers (except custom vehicle skins).
    If any of the above listed point are not in agreement with the Arma 3 Monitarization Rules we will immediately change them. In that case, please notify us about the extent of the changes that have to be made. If the listed points are in agreement with the Arma 3 Monitarization Rules we would like you to unlock our server in your monetarization system again.
    To get into contact with our project and admin team feel free to use our e-mail adresses [email protected] or [email protected] or join our TeamSpeak server so the matter can be discussed personally. These adresses should already be in your system.
    With kind regards
    your LiveYourLife-Serverteam